Many people come to Yoga and Pilates looking for something new and then fall in love with the benefits of the practise, its extremely versatile. My personal journey has been very long and favourable. I have used Yoga and Pilates to help me through some very life changing times in my life and without even realising I use the skills I have learnt everyday. I use the breathing to keep me calm if im angry and need focus – yes Yogis get angry as well! The conditioning from yoga and Pilates keeps my torso lifted so I look up ahead of the world not down at the floor, apart from the occasional slouching!  I have been 5ft.6 form as long as I remember however I have gained 1 inch now standing at 5ft 7!! I did ask the nurse to double and triple check. My only explanation is the movement and freedom I have given my spine. (no science involved just a personal thought) I Fell in love with yoga about 10 or more years ago, I have always been a keen exercise enthusiast I trained as a personal trainer then realised that was not the job for me and found my Yoga and Pilates adventure and it really is an adventure. My family like to practise, my husband likes if for many reasons however found significant recovery from other sports. My children use it to compliment their crazy activities and help them rest at night. Infact if you look at my FB or Instagram page you will see my mini yogis with me.

My eldest daughter is now giving me her own made up meditations when im feeling anxious, tired, grumpy or in need of some tlc. It fits in to our family life perfectly! I LOVE it. I have taught many group classes some with 18 people in the class SHOCKING! There was no way I could support anybody enough to get great results in 1 hour. I then decided I would never teach groups like that again and moved on to groups of 5 -7 which was comfortable, whilst maintaining small groups I had private clients and the results they were getting were so much better and quicker I then decided to continue with private clients. This is such a perfect way for me to teach, I have lovely clients some that I have been seeing for many years and the accomplishments I have helped them with is fulfilling. And they have supported me through lots of lifes challenges because they share compassion that some people dont know they have.

A few things that i like to think of daily

Turn your palms upowards to receive answers from the universe and turn your palms downwards if the answers are within.

Notice when you are being selfish or blaming somebody else for your missfortune. show some love and gratitude instead.

Speak kindly to yourself, your not stupid if you forget something plus other people/family will pick up on your negative feelings.

We all have bad days and thats ok, running late, stubbing your toe 100 times late for an appointmant. I have this on my way to class, when I arrive I feel so much better.

THIS is my favourite. Decide what your body is capable of and not what the person on the may next to you is doing. I dont have this in my private classes – yippie!

last of all Reach higher in Life and it will steady you.

So please feel free to get in touch as you can tell I enjoy talking and I would love to hear from you!

Good health and wellbeing

Kate x