Holistic Therapies


We are pleased to offer a range of natural therapies which support your well being health and happiness. Our qualified practitioner Martina specialises in treatment massage, healing and herbal therapies.

The Holistic approach centres on balancing the whole body, emotions, mind and spirit by addressing the underlying issues affecting the bodies systems as well as the symptoms obviously presenting. For this reason you may be required to help the therapist build a background picture by consultation before your therapy commences. Feedback during your therapy programme is also essential to adjust your therapy accordingly.

The Holistic approach believes that the body tries to send messages [symptoms] when it is out of balance [on any level] , over a period of time before the manifestation of ill health. If you can learn to read these messages you can consciously adapt and change to remain in harmony; because of our busy lifestyles we often ignore our body’sprotestations!
However we are lucky that our body is always ready to achieve balance where ever possible, with a little care, kindness, thought and administration.

Unfortunately in our busy modern world it is often our very selves who are last on the list for care. We can learn a lot from nature such as how it naturally unconsciously adapts and changes where ever possible to maintain homeostasis.

At the lotus room we embrace the flow of the natural environment and its rustic charms of earthiness which can be very grounding. Stepping away from the rush of every day life and back to the simpler rhythms of the natural world can have the effect of slowing down time and just being. By taking some time out to listen to yourself, switch off, relax and be still, you can give your whole self the precious time it deserves to adjust and be the best that it can be.

We look forward to meeting you.



1 hour 45 mins £55.00


Massage can be relaxing, invigorating and healing. The body shows its
internal stresses and strains in physical tension. A consultation is
recommended to make sure the correct massage for you is chosen.



A bespoke massage using a variety of techniques which include: deep
tissue, myofascial work, neuro-muscular stroking, lymphatic drainage,
trigger and pressure point relief.

The aim is to improve muscular aches and pains, tight inflexible muscles
and general postural unease. This massage targets the individual areas
of the body holding tension.



Using Swedish, Lymphatic, and Aromatherapy massage techniques
along with applied Reiki healing as required. This is a blissful uplifting warm oil massage of blended essential oils which encourage balance within theendocrine and nervous systems of your body.

Choose from; Back neck and shoulders- A warm Oil Aromatic massage concentrating on the upper body to release stress and to promote calm
relaxation and restful sleep.

45 mins – £35.00


Concentrating on the flow of the bodies circulatory and lymphatic
system’s increasing oxygen and nutrient flow and eliminating waste.

1hr – £45.00


A warm heated clam shell massage which is both relaxing and reviving
for the back neck and shoulders.

30 mins – £35


A bespoke massage tailored specifically for the pregnant lady. This massage is not recommended for the first trimester.

1hr (Allow extra time to rest) – £45.00


Legs or Arms – For fluid retention.

45mins – £35.00


Beautifully relaxing and stress relieving.

45mins – £30.00


Organic Neil’s Yard Products are selected for your skin type and used to
create a blissful relaxation therapy which improves the condition and
functioning of your facial skin while easing away tension of the mind and
body. A special facial which drains, stimulates, revitalises and
moisturises your facial skin followed by a gentle relaxing back massage
with pre blended essential oils chosen just for you!.

1hr 30 min’s – £50.00


A bespoke facial tailor made to your skin type to improve the skin
condition and to create balance in its functioning. Includes pressure
point therapy to energise the face , lymphatic draining, deep cleanse, mask and moisturise.

1hr – £35.00


A tailor made facial which includes flowing relaxing massage of the face
neck and shoulders to soothe you to sleep.

1hr 15 min’s – £40.00


To maintain the skin’s balance.

30 min’s – £20.00


A full consultation determines a choice of crystals which are placed on
and around the body to create a re-balancing grid formation. The
vibration’s of the crystal’s help to harmonise the energy of the body. A
pressure point massage of choice, (head, face, foot) completes this
relaxing and gentle therapy.

1hr.15 min’s – £48.00


A re- energising and special pamper for an often forgotten part of the
body. Feel invigorated and like you are walking on air with a foot
cleanse, exfoliation, nail and cuticle tidy, hard skin removal and a
pressure point foot energiser. All finished with a super skin softener with or without polish.

1hr.15 min’s – £35.00


1 hour 15 mins – £35

Your feet will be scrubbed, exfoliated, moisturised, pressure point massaged and the toe nails clipped, buffed and treated with an optional colour to finish. An optional lymphatic drain of the legs can be added for an extra £10.



1 hour + – £25

Subsequent follow on appointments £20 – Recommended Herbal Organic preparations additional cost.



Donation only



1hour 30 mins – £40

A bespoke therapy including a consultation before carefully choosing and cross referencing a selection of herbs and essential oils to help to rebalance your body. The herbs are placed on the body in a thermal wrap for 45 mins while you experience some pressure point therapy. To finish your relaxing experience is a warm oil massage with corresponding essential oils.

For treatments contact Martina: 078514 79248



Martina trained as a Beauty therapist originally which was a full time course which included body therapies such as massage, Swedish and aromatherapy, nutrition, diet and exercise. Later Martina specialised in massage and has completed an array of post graduate massage courses which include ,Thai compress massage, lava shells, pressure point and lymphatic techniques, pregnancy massage and injury prevention massage. Martina has a passion for massage as she has seen first hand how the body therapy works on the different levels of the bodies systems creating a better physical and emotional body function.

Martina also trained in Usui and Karuna Reiki and most recently Medicine Buddha healing. Whether using the healing energies directly or not this training helps Martina with tuning in to another bodies system and finding the energy imbalances enabling massage work especially to be specific.

Later Martina trained as a College Lecturer in Holistic and Beauty therapy. Martina taught NVQ level 1, 2 and 3. City and Guilds level 1, 2 and 3, [amongst other qualifications] including post graduate massage. Martina then studied Herbal Medicine receiving her qualification from the Blackford Centre and is now a registered practitioner. Martina continues to teach for the on- line school the Holistic therapy studio and carries out introductory workshops in many aspects of Holistic therapies.