Super classes plenty of scope for beginners and the more experienced great teacher, patient and great fun been going to Kate’s classes for years and it never stales or disappoints just lovely sessions.


Fantastic!! Love Kate and how patient she is with me. I have severe lung issues at 42 years old and a friend put me on to Kate as I wanted to try and keep fit and delay having a lung transplant as much as possible. At the beginning Kate sat down and went through my history and aims in great detail.

Each session she has carefully worked out what she wants to do with me and understands that what I can do one day is different to the next. In a month my progress has been amazing, I can climb two flights of stairs without stopping when 1 was a problem before and I am generally more willing to take life on head on!! My lung work has increased massively and my core strength is improving more than I expected at this stage. Its a lot harder than it looks in the videos but well worth it!!! Studio is in a lovely setting as well.


We have been attending Kate’s classes now for approximately 3 months. We opted to go for private classes and initially started with one lesson a week. very quickly though we moved to two a week as we found it so enjoyable and effective. We are a retired couple, both of advancing years!

My background is of low physical activity typically involving some of my other hobbies such as gardening and dog walking. My husband is a lifelong runner with all the incumbent connective tissue issues that runners tend to develop. For him, exercise involved running or lifting weights. He HAD a typical bloke/ runners/ sportsman’s scepticism about Yoga and Pilates -”it wasn’t really proper exercise” – until he ended up flat on his back with exhaustion halfway through our first lesson with Kate!

We decided we wanted to do some exercise together, the difficulty was finding something that suited both our physical capabilities and kept us both challenged. The best decision we made was to opt for a combination of Yoga and Pilates in classes as taught by Kate.

She is an absolute master teacher:As you would expect she has a deep and detailed knowledge of both Yoga and Pilates. She readily structures lessons to be challenging but ensures that you are able to achieve most of the objectives but always leaves you with a challenge for next time. She is excellent at being able to work with any injuries or difficulties you have, to make sure that you get the most out of every session.

She has several layers of alternative exercises and poses, depending on whether or not an injury or limited range of motion is preventing you from carrying out a particular exercise.

Her studio is customised for Yoga and Pilates, in a rural setting with plenty of parking and all the necessary equipment you need in order to get the most out of every session.

She has the full range of motivation skills ranging from caring, nurturing and supportive to full out wind-up if necessary!

Results after 3 months:

Despite being novices with bad knees and back in my case and zero flexibility in my husband’s case, her skilful application of Yoga and Pilates has given us:

  • Reductions in clothing size
  • An amazing increase in flexibility in both of us
  • Dramatic increases in strength, conditioning, and balance.

All this and an environment of fun and challenge!

Ingrid & Ian

I thoroughly enjoy Kate’s yoga classes. Both the location and classes are wonderful. I have been to many different yoga classes and would say that Kate’s classes are by far the best I have been to.

Highly recommend lotus and Pilates Kate is a fantastic teacher.