Is an all-round practice that works on strength, flexibility and balancing body and mind. It helps us to become fitter and leaner or to help a nagging back problem. Benefits include: increased strength, healthier lungs and heart, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, sounder sleep, and a stronger immune system.Yoga emphasises on bringing body and mind together through the breath. One of the key aspects of yoga is focusing on the present moment without distraction and allowing the monkey chitter chatter in the mind to feel at ease.

The classes begin with understanding the basic asanas/poses then become a combination of flowing movements working on different areas of the body. Classes may focus on detoxifying twist, relieving back tension some breath work, release shoulder tension…we cover many different areas in class and each week changes. I will always encourage you to try something new but it’s your class so experience as much or as little as you wish. We finish class with relaxation and occasional visualisations and use some basic Thai massage techniques.

Monday 6.30pm